I'm Rui Santos,

MSc in Engineering & Computer Science at IST,
Android developer at Tradiio,
Scout leader at 2º Grupo - AEP.


Scout leaders often have administrative tasks such as track scout's attendance, progress and have other routine tasks that need to be done week after week.

This web application simplifies some of those tasks and automates the process of compiling information and displaying it to the leaders. This way, scouts leaders can spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time focusing what is really important, which is the education of the young ones.


Tradiio is an artist's accelerator where fans can support the artists directly through crowdfunding!

The most challenging app to date I had the pleasure to be part of.

Currently developing new features, and it's the main focus of my Android day-to-day activities.


Egrupo has an Android application as a complementary tool for the web application.

With the most common tasks on mobile it is even easier to check for information of your scout unit and do the most simple and common tasks.


Weclipse is a creative and unique way to communicate through videos with friends. With Weclipse you can create a video that is the result of the sum of clips made by you and your friends based on a caption originated by the creator of the first clip. Record a clip up to 7 seconds, set a caption for it, invite up to 4 friends to join your clip and watch what each one does around the caption when the video is ready.

I developed the Android side of this application.

Cadernos Progresso AEP

Cadernos Progresso AEP is an Android application that targets scouts and scouts leaders from AEP. It is the challenges scouts must overcome in digital format. Scouts can now carry their challenges notebook on their pocket.

Additionaly, scouts can mark which challenges they completed and/or still are missing to complete.

Little project I made and still update in order to facilitate the access to this information.


PocketFenix is an Android application that targets students at Instituto Superior Ténico. In september of 2013 the school has made public their API for certain domains. I developed an application to easily access and interact with the school's resources through the available endpoints.

Check your schedule, grades, evaluation dates and tuition are a few things that PocketFenix allows students to do. PocketFenix was the first Fenix application to be used by a large number of students.

Pocket Fenix took 2nd place at Innovation Awards in 2014 edition.

Próximo Comboio Cascais

An Android application to help everyone find the next train as well as check train schedules in Cascais, Portugal. This application allows the user to save their most common routes so they can know exactly when is the next train arriving.

I first made this application for personal use since i was a heavy user of these trains myself.

If you ever come to Cascais, Portugal, make sure you have this application on your Android phone!